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Sexy Specs. Make-Up tips for Glasses Wearers

When you wear glasses it draws attention to your face and more importantly your eyes. 
Here are my top tips for us glasses wearers…..

The aim is to bring attention to your lovely eyes beneath your glasses.

Make your eyes noticeable through your glasses, by making a winged or cat-eye look. Alternatively a white or nude eye-liner along your lower water line can make you appear wide awake and really brightens your eyes up. 

Most importantly use your Eyelash Curler!!
Using an eyelash curler opens up the eye area allowing more light to the whites of your eyes, making you look wide awake. Curling your eyelashes also ensures they don’t end up hitting up against your glasses too.

The Lenses of the glasses can cast a shadow to the under eye area. Making dark circles appear darker and puffier. A brightening under-eye concealer will help to counter-act this. Salmon coloured concealer is great at hiding blue circles.
Although be careful not to apply too much concealer, as you run the risk of the lenses magnifying and making it look cakey.

Corner eye highlight and brow bone highlight open up, brighten and draw attention to the eyes. A white matte, cream eye-shadow or a highlight luminizer is great to use.

Clumps will look clumpier and magnified, best to use a non clumping mascara and use an eyebrush comb.A volumizing mascara helps to emphasize those lashes.
If you use a lengthening mascara your eyelashes will hit your lenses, leaving smudgy marks which can be annoying. Prevent smears and smudges by using a waterproof mascara.

Eyebrows help frame and define the face. As they sit on top of your glasses are important to keep in check. Keep those straggles and strays at bay, define with an eyebrow pencil, shadow or brow gel and coat with a clear mascara to hold in place.

Essential to prime the eyelid with an eyeshadow primer, this ensures the eyeshadow has something to cling to helping it to stay in place all day or night.
Neutral shadows on your eye-lids creams, taupes, beiges, neutral browns are perfect colours to opt for.
Pearly colours with a satin or pearly finish,: such as Champagne, Rose Gold, help to reflect the light drawing attention to your eyes behind your glasses in a subtle and pretty way. Not too in your face.
A good example of this is Maybelline’s Pink Gold Colour tattoo, this gel / cream eye-shadow sets and stays put.

Shimmery and glittery shadows on the other hand can reflect the light too much making the area too busy. The trouble with these types of shadows as well is they can have a lot of ‘glittery’ fall-out which again will be magnified by your glasses lenses.

The smaller, lighter the glasses frame, the bolder and brighter the colours can be. 
If you have big, thick, black, or brightly coloured glasses frames, muted colours are probably best choice for your eye-shadow. 
Smaller glasses that are frameless or have a neutral-toned frame, any colour goes. Purples, blues, greens, pinks!!. The rainbow’s the limit!!

For a slightly bolder look ..... Define the creases of your eyes, brush a soft brown shade on the upper eye-lids.
Another tip I like to follow is try not to apply eye-shadow beyond the outline of your glasses frame. Can look a bit messy and off balance.

A thin line of eye-liner along the top lashes helps define your eye. 
Brown, bronze or grey give a slightly different softer effect. 
The thicker the glasses frame the thicker you can be with the eye-liner to add balance.

Accentuate your cheekbones, add blush & bronzer to contour and balance out your look.
Add a lip colour of your choice. If you have gone for a darker eye look opt for a neutral muted nude lip colour. A bolder lip colour if you have gone for a nude eye look.

The thing i find most annoying when wearing glasses is the sliding when wearing foundation. Smudges i get on my lenses due to the foundation are frustrating too.
To remedy this I use a primer to begin with then add foundation buff and work it in to my skin, finishing off with a dusting of matte powder or setting powder. 

Making sure to concentrate around the under eye area and bridge of my nose. I will also top up throughout the day if I feel I need to.
A fantastic powder I like to use is Vichy's Dermablend setting powder review here.

SHORT SIGHTED Glasses make your eyes appear smaller so your goal is to make the eyes look bigger to counteract this.
A thick line along the eyelash line. Flesh, nude or white eye-liner along the bottom waterline to the tear duct to make eyes appear bigger and wide awake.

LONG SIGHTED Glasses make your eyes appear bigger so here your goal is to make your eyes smaller.
Line top eyelash and bottom waterline with a black or dark eye-liner. Using dark brown eye-shadow blend along the crease and work to the outer corner and take down under the eye too.

So there are my tips for glasses wearers. 

Hope these help and come in handy.

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

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