Sunday, 14 December 2014

November Favourites Round-Up 2014

Well November has just flown by! I know I am a bit late ... well VERY late with my monthly round-up, but better late than never!!

Not long till Christmas!!

So what I have been loving?

Make-Up wise I have been keeping it quite simple, loving MAC's Woodwinked eyeshadow, teamed with urban decay's eye-liner in 'Zero' and finished with maybelline's the rocket waterproof mascara. 
Rebel and Girl about town have been my main lipsticks as-well as my latest find vaseline's paint the town red!

Finally picked up Urban Decays Naked basics 2 at such a bargain price from so looking forward to trying out some new eye looks with these delicious eye-shadows.

Completed my 5km challenge with my sister!!
Run for mum!

... and get this... have even carried on with running since the event!! Go me!!

With the nights getting darker earlier my non beauty faves have been my hat that has reflective parts on and flashing light that goes on your arm. Both help to make sure I'm seen whilst out running.

Christmas is on it's way so cue the xmas t-shirt, jumper and snowman hoodie!! Hohoho!

So let the christmas movies commence, have already watched Elf
A few more on my list of to watch this month are:
The holiday
Love actually
The polar express
Santa Claus
Muppets christmas carol

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Fuchsia in Rage YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick Review

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick
Fuchsia in Rage (19) 

YSL Rouge volupte shine lipstick Fuchsia in rage No 19 beauty blog review swatch lips

In the spirit of stepping out of my comfort zone I bought this a while ago, when Debenhams had their £5 off all YSL lipsticks. 
Not had the courage to wear it outside the house just yet but it is such a pretty colour and I look and feel fabulous ... even if I am doing the dishes!!

YSL Rouge volupte shine lipstick Fuchsia in rage No 19 beauty blog review swatch lips

It's not one that I would normally choose and had I not done my research before clicking 'buy' then I might have just chickened out ... looking at the purple bullet! 
But I researched the swatches on google! So glad this is now in my possession - it is so pretty!

YSL Rouge volupte shine lipstick Fuchsia in rage No 19 beauty blog review swatch lips

YSL Rouge volupte shine lipstick Fuchsia in rage No 19 beauty blog review swatch lips 

As you can see it is a lilac purple in the bullet, once on is such a lovely shade of violet. 
With it being a rouge volupte shine is lovely and creamy with a shine to it, unfortunately doesn't last as long on the lips but with shades and packaging this stunning I don't mind having to re-apply!

Swatched on my hand, as you can see it has a glossy sheen and finish to it.

YSL Rouge volupte shine lipstick Fuchsia in rage No 19 beauty blog review swatch lips
YSL Rouge volupte shine lipstick Fuchsia in rage No 19 beauty blog review swatch lips

YSL Rouge volupte shine lipstick Fuchsia in rage No 19 beauty blog review swatch lips

Such a pretty and unique shade of lipstick to wear!!

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Soft-Box or not?!

Whilst I love Autumn ... nights drawing in, cozying up to the fire with a hot chocolate. The downside as a blogger is there is never enough light to take photos for my blog! 
Even in the day time, the sun is rarely out so the photos I do take seem to look dull. Normal lights make the picture appear yellow and not true to colour.

I have been 'umming' and 'arghhing' for months over these lights. 
In the summer months I was able to take lovely bright photos with the help of the sunshine!! Whilst the sun still makes a occasional appearance, lets face it... it's also blooming freezing out there. Don't really fancy going out in the cold plus shivering makes my camera shake!! Brrr!

So anyway, I finally took the plunge and I have to say I really wish I had sooner!!
These soft-boxes were sat in my Amazon 'Wish list' for ages before one day I just thought, "I love blogging, I'm enjoying it and I want my photos to reflect my love of blogging and be the best I can do" (If that makes sense?)

They arrived a few days later... I was a bit worried about the ones I chose as they were cheaper and not a named version, but i needn't have as they work perfectly, are great quality and are very easy to set up plus the height is adjustable as well as the angle!!

soft-box continuous lighting photographer blog beauty blog photos

I've been using a soft-box for a few weeks now and it gives me the freedom to take photos whenever the inspiration strikes .... even if that is midnight!! 
I can't imagine being without, as it allows me to take bright and clear photos at any-time of the day or night. 

A soft box is basically a lamp with a box shade around it to diffuse the light, you then add the detachable white cover over to make sure you don't get harsh shadows on the picture. (Held on with velcro). Photographers Soft-boxes in taking portrait photos. 
The lamp uses a special 135w bulb which emits the equivalent of daylight. 

When I have finished they fold up again very neatly to store away behind the couch!!

So if you are in two minds whether to get a soft box, I would whole heartedly say go for it! Very much worth it and take up only a little room once dismantled. 

You will wonder what you ever did without them! 
Gives you the freedom to blog whenever the mood strikes.

If you are interested the ones I clicked from Amazon were here

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

Friday, 14 November 2014

Here's to stepping out of my comfort zone with MAC's REBEL

Here's to stepping outside my comfort zone......

Only a tiny step, mind!!

With none other than a bold and daring lipstick, that in the bullet literally scares me!

MAC's REBEL Lipstick

MAC Rebel lipstick satin finish swatch on lips

MAC Rebel lipstick satin finish swatch on lips

As promised in my October faves, this shade will be in my make-up bag the rest of this month and I am actually going to wear it outside the house too!

Rebel from mac is a Beauty blogger cult fave, what kind of blogger would i be if i didn't at least give it a try so here goes....

MAC Rebel lipstick satin finish swatch on lips

 As with all MAC lipsticks, has a scent of vanilla, lovely and creamy to apply.
The finish on this one is 'Satin' meaning it glides on and leaves a slight sheen finish.
Comfortable to wear and a fairly long wear time.

MAC Rebel lipstick satin finish swatch on lips

Autumn is the perfect time to be seen sporting this colour as it is such a daring but pretty purple berry.

I have to admit in the bullet, it really does look very bright and dark purple but honestly is a divine berry shade once on.

MAC Rebel lipstick satin finish swatch on lips

This lipstick can be worn 3 ways:
1. Full on lots of coats. 2. Dabbed lightly on as a sort of stain, rubbed in with fingers or 3. Applied then blotted with a tissue to create a medium shade, with optional lip-balm on the top or vaseline to give a more glossy lip-gloss look.

Full on coat of lipstick, as you can see doesn't look at all like the bullet, on the lips it is such a beautiful berry shade that is perfect for Autumn!

Have you been brave enough to try MAC's Rebel lipstick?

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lancome Rouge In love Lipstick Review 379N

I received a goody bag 'Gift with purchase' from Debenhams recently when I made an order. This included trial sample sizes of make-up and fragrance.

I love these, as you get to try out products you never normally would choose for yourself. Allowing you to sometimes step out of your comfort zone!

Mine included a mini Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick. 

Lancome in love lipstick 379N swatch beauty blog review

Having never tried any Lancome make-up  at all, it's not something I would have picked for myself. 

But oh my! it was love at first swipe!! 

This lipstick is so creamy yet pigmented and hydrating - all at the same time. 
The wear time for this is incredible - I put it on in the afternoon and it was still there come bedtime. I actually needed to remove it with my bioderma micellar water! Never really needed to do that before?!

Like with most lipsticks, they fade during the day through wear / drinking & eating, they end up fading whilst usually leaving an bold outline for all to see. 
This lipstick seems to somehow fade evenly and leaves a lovely all over stain on the lips.

Lancome in love lipstick 379N swatch beauty blog review

The shade I was sent 379N looks a very very scary shade in the bullet! 

Would not have even looked twice at this colour. Once on it is an intense plum-y-purple shade which then fades down to a very pretty berry shade.

Lancome in love lipstick 379N swatch beauty blog review

Very fitting for Autumn and I have been wearing this non stop (even doing housework!!) ... to the point where it broke in half!! So I'm off now to google how to fix a broken lipstick. I know its only a sample size but I love it so much!! Such a different shade to anything I have worn before!
That's it I'm utterly hooked and Lancome in love with these lipsticks!!

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

Friday, 7 November 2014

Mondss UnderArm Wear - My Embarrassment Savers!!

Perspiration, unfortunately is something we all have to put up with daily.... and if you travel on public transport you, more than likely have to put up with other peoples underarms as-well!
I have only ever used a spray-on or roll-on deodorant... never really given much thought into anything else until I was sent these brilliant inventions from Jane McTernan the founder and creator of Mondss - Underarm wear.

She thought of the idea whilst wearing a bright top which she knew would get perspiration marks on, she tried to prevent this using tissues but they soon fell out! 
And the idea for these were born! Genius!

So what are they? 
Well they look a bit like a giant plaster for your underarms. 
What they actually are 'mini embarrassment savers!'

Self adhesive disposable pads that absorb the sweat without the use of chemicals, lock in odour and prevent the dreaded pit stains! 
Something I know from personal experience especially in high pressure situations such as job interviews, special events and occasions. 

Tops, blouses and dresses no longer end up stained and you are no longer left feeling embarrassed thanks to these discreet pads. More importantly they stay put but also allow movement and are discreet to wear under your tops.

I waited to do this review as I wanted to really test them out... 
My opportunity came when I was a wedding guest recently. 

I wore these from morning right through to the night....
I was very impressed, so much so, I am going to be purchasing more as soon as I have finished this box! 

Felt comfortable to wear, in-fact I completely forgot they were there! I felt much more confident and at ease as I knew I didn't have to worry about stains and wet patches of sweat under my arms. 
They stayed put and locked in the moisture as-well as odour although I did use my deodorant before putting these on... mearly for my own peace of mind!

It did feel a bit odd at first, like I was applying a giant plaster under my arm but once on you forget and can barely feel them!

Two things I will say 1 - Make sure you apply to shaved underarms or you are in for an eye watering experience!! 
Secondly, to remove, it is similar to a plaster, however I would say use some baby oil around the edges to loosen the stickiness allowing easy and quick pain free removal.

As for price these are available in a pack of 10 
So 5 occasions wear for £7.96 over at

Plus at the time of publishing: Buy 3 packs and get Free P&P!
Use code: 'BUY3FREEPP'

"Women don't sweat, they sparkle!"

Hence the name Mondss which means Diamonds which are of course a girls best friend!

These are a must have and I highly recommend these for those special occasions and I would say a essential for a job interview!!!!

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

October 2014 Favourites Round-Up!

Yes it's that time again October favourites round-up....

october favourites 2014 beauty blogger

All this month I have been using Maybelline's The Rocket mascara - waterproof black version. Makes light work of holding my eyelash curled lashes and stays put all day. 
No flaky black bits and best of all no smudges. Maybelline's age eraser has also been a staple in my make-up bag this month. It's a great concealer for hiding those under eye circles.

My most used lipstick this month has been my Chanel lipstick in mademoiselle, it really is the perfect shade for everyday wear and is a lovely creamy consistency to wear! 
Mine unfortunately melted :( (left in a hot car - oops!) but the good news, is it is still use-able!
Also been loving my soap & glory raplumzel gloss stick, such a lovely berry shade for Autumn, but really moisturising at the same time without being too bold.

On the menu next month.... I am going to be brave and rock MAC's Rebel Lipstick!!
That's if I can convince myself to actually leave the house wearing it!!

Loving using my Liz Earle's Eye Bright for a lovely soothing eye soak when my eyes are tired. Night time, after removing eye make-up with bioderma sensibo, I soak 2 cotton pads and let them rest on my eyes for a few minutes. Really soothing and helps with irritated eyes and sore eyes.

Been really enjoying using this facial cleansing oil from sanctuary spa. Feels lovely to massage into the face then using a warm flannel rinse away all the make-up and dirt from your face. Smells lovely and refreshing too! Doesn't leave the skin greasy and doesn't leave a residue, skin feels lovely and soft.

Soap & Glory Hand Food. With the arrival of Autumn my hands have gotten quite dry so I have been using this a lot this month. Smells lovely and doesn't leave your hands sticky and greasy. Sinks in quite quickly so you aren't left with your hands in the air for what feels like an age!

L'oreal elvive hair oil

With having long past shoulder length hair, I find my hair gets tangled and very knotty. I have found that using l'oreal elvive hair oil helps to detangle and prevent future knots when used on just washed damp hair. I apply this to the ends and lower half of my hair then blow dry. I am left with silky smooth and soft knot free locks.

Nails: Nails inc Kensington high street, a lovely burgundy deep plum shade perfect for autumn!!

Obsessed with the micro-pedi, which although makes me queasy talking about ... my feet have never felt so good!! ( I will spare you the photos!) 
But suffice to say ... No more rough skin scraping on the covers at night! eugh! 
This micro-pedi gift set was Boots star gift of the week a few weeks ago and it was a good one!!


I have begun reading Ruby wax's book "A Sane World" So far I have learnt she went to Oxford university and studied. The book is well written in a friendly understandable manner that makes you think....
"Ah, that makes sense now!" - a lot ...and i'm only up to Chapter 2. Am hooked!!

With my training for my 5km inching closer i've been swotting up by reading 'Running' as-well as using SBC's Arnica gel and bath soak which have been just brilliant along with Epsom Salt baths for my poor sore muscles! 

sbc arnica gel soothing bath soak muscle aches

Think both of these will feature in every favourite till after my run and even then they are my essential staples!

TV programmes: With the start of Homeland season 4 i'm desperately trying to binge watch season 3!! Am only up to episode 3 but am utterly intrigued!! love homeland!!

Last of all food.... this past month i have been enjoying quaker oats porridge, their Strawberry, Raspberry & Cranberry flavour to be precise!!

So that's it my October favourites! Looking forward to November and all that it brings!

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo 

Monday, 3 November 2014

#FoundationFriday Smashbox Foundation Give-away Event

Smashbox were giving a free full sized 'Studio skin 15 hour wear' foundation worth £28 to the 1st 20 lucky people who arrived at a Smashbox counter Friday morning!! 
(31st October - Halloween!). I only saw this by chance on the Boots website! So glad I did!

Things I learnt...

I love make-up more than I love my nice comfy warm bed - And that is saying something!!

I am shade 1.1 in Smashbox foundation which was a very popular shade that day.

I am a bit impatient I really wanted to take the foundation home with me! 
But I am assured it will be arriving in the post shortly!!

There are no Smashbox counters on the Wirral! Nearest being said Boots in Liverpool or Chester.

As I arrived at the Boots store Church street in Liverpool, I scanned the line of girls already there, trying to Co-Erse my brain to count - at that time of the morning! 
This was some feat, as I left the house in a hurry without even so much as a cup of tea!! 

Turns out I was number 11...phew!! 

I got there at 10 past 8, wasn't due to open til half past. What really amazed me was the solidarity we felt, a feeling of "We're all in this together!" when the Smashbox counter lady came out and said we needed a printout or screenshot of their facebook page. All mucking in to make sure that the 20 of us had said evidence!

My turn came to be shade matched and of course I was the lightest shade which was now out of stock. She sent me away with a few samples of their redness reducing primer to try, their new primer and a lip-gloss, as-well as a sample pot of shade 1.1 to last me a day or 2. All housed in the cutest mini canvas shopper bag!

So there's what I got up to Halloween morning!! 
I am excited to try out the foundation in 'Real life' and of course blog about it!!

Did you managed to get to the counter in time?!

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Elle Magazine Free Benefit Push-Up Liner Nov 2014

This month's (Nov 2014) edition of 'Elle' Magazine comes with none other than a trial sample version of.....

Benefit's 'They're Real Push-Up Liner'

So cute and perfect for in your make-up bag or to take away on holiday!
Has the silicone rubber tip just like the bigger version.

So for the price of £4 you can try out Benefit's liner that promises not to smudge, budge and hug your lash line!

Best of all comes in a sealed packet, so won't dry out before you get to use it.

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

This months Glamour Magazine comes with a Nails Inc Nail polish!! Nov 2014

November's Glamour magazine 
(Claire Danes on the front cover) 
comes with a free Full Size Nails Inc Nail Varnish!!

Choice of 4 Shades created exclusively for Glamour:
Wigmore Street, Tate, Marylebone Mews, Hanover Square.

Being me... I picked up two! 
(Only because the other 2 shades weren't in stock at that newsagents, 
when I see them I shall definitely be getting those too!!)

UPDATE: Found the other two nail varnishes, and have added more photos!! 

 Nails inc make such great quality nail varnishes, glossy finish and take a while to chip...oh and retail at £11 each!

I got 'Tate' which is a gorgeous deep red colour and 'Wigmore Street' which is a deep plum purple with a tinge of navy blue to it shade.

Then i found the other two shades:
Marylebone Mews which reminds me of Nails Inc 'Potchester Square' a grey / beige / lilac shade which is a lovely neutral shade for everyday or when you're not sure what to wear!!
Hanover Street is a very dark deep burgandy with a deep plum colour to it.

So which shade will you choose?!!

All these shades really are perfect for Autumn, as-well as being great quality!
 Such a steal for £2 for a full size Nails inc polish that normally sells for £11!!

Tips for the extra magazine: I like to rip and cut out inspiration then make a sort of scrapbook collage! So when i look at it I get inspired for blog posts or make-up ideas and looks! Or have a collection of articles I enjoyed.

Now to decide which one to wear first.... 

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

Friday, 24 October 2014

How to treat Pre-teenage Acne breakouts

I was on the hunt for a gentle but effective cleanser and treatment lotion for my son, who as he approaches his teen years, has started to get a few spots! 

Now you know something works when it runs out and you feel a sense of panic if you don't have another one. 
My son felt this exact rise of panic when the tube of La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo he'd been using ran out. ... If it goes on the shopping list above milk and bread AND chocolate!! Then you know it's good-Un!!

I have to admit the two step attack on his pre-teen spots really seems to be keeping them at bay, with the odd appearance now and again which is to be expected. He is extremely happy and has stuck to the routine religiously!! Which surprised me.

So here's what I recommended for him.....

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

10 things that make me happy....

10 things that make me happy....

1. Watching Friends... 

(or should I say re-watching for the 100th time!). Nothing cheers me up like an episode of Friends. Any one episode is guaranteed to make my day brighter and make me chuckle with laughter!!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Disappointing product Alert ....

Disappointing product alert.....

Having loved the Vaseline 'Spray & Go' moisture lotion, thought i'd give the Palmers Cocoa Butter formula version a try, as it was released fairly recently. As you can guess from the title of this post I did not get on well with it.....

palmers cocoa butter rapid moisture spray lotion

The actual moisturising spray is lovely and hydrating to apply. My skin felt lovely and smooth. Delivery in a can is such brilliant idea and really works. My only bug bear is ..... I can't seem to get on well with the scent. 

Don't know if the fragrance is the same in their body butter, as have never tried it. 
Unlike the Vaseline version it is too over powering for my sensitive nose. That's not to say you won't enjoy this, but if you are easily offended by strong smells then maybe this version is not for you.

It is a fantastic idea, great for use after the gym, swimming or a quick spritz in the morning but I'm afraid i shall be sticking to Vaseline spray and go cocoa version being my current fave!

If you are a regular reader to my blog you will probably have noticed I have never posted a negative or disappointing product review.
The reason for this is mainly because the majority of products I buy, I research before-hand, read reviews and of course consult the blogs! So am usually very happy with the performance. This one I picked up on a bit of a whim having seen it on a tv ad, then on offer in boots. Felt I had to share for the fellow sensitive noses out there!

Have you tried the Palmers spray moisturiser? Did you enjoy the scent?

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo