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Make up on the go.....

Make-Up On The Go!

You know the drill….you hit snooze far too many times on your alarm clock and now you are out of the house sans make up!!
Shock, horror!!

Don’t panic, here is my guide to getting ready on the go, be it the bus train, tube or passenger seat in the car.

Keep a makeup bag in your handbag at all times.

Keep a bottle of hand sanitiser in there too, use before starting your face.
I like Cuticura cucumber & mint.
Also really like Soap and glory Hand Maid but have run out, boo :(

Wait until the bus / tube / train is stopped at the lights or a stop to do the tricky bits such as eyelash curlers, mascara and eyeliner. 
Nothing worse than curling eyelashes and the bus coming to an alarming halt, i’m sure you would like to keep your eyelashes, as would i!!!
So yes, wait til vehicle is stopped preferably at a bus stop or station where lots of people are getting on giving you more time!!

The rest of the face can pretty much be done on the move.

Here is what I keep in my trusty make-up bag.

Bare Minerals Ready Mineral Foundation: 

This is so much easier to use on the go than liquid foundation.
You just swirl the kabuki brush into the pan and buff onto your face.
Quick and easy to achieve a light to medium coverage. Bonus that it has a mirror in the lid to use with the rest of makeup.

I then like to Finish with Bare Minerals Mineral Veil 
(again the ready version, which is a solid compact rather than the usual version which is a loose mineral powder) equally another setting powder is great too. I also like Soap and glory heck of a blot. This just prevents any oiliness or shine on my t-zone throughout the day.

Handy to use products on the go, are ones that are in a palette thus saving on space.

Sleek’s contour kit is a great example. It has a bronzer, blush and a highlight all in one compact. Another great example i also like to carry with me is my Bare Minerals Adrenaline boost which is 3 products in one. Hint...Can also be used as an eyeshadow too.

Soap and glory’s Kick ass is great, it contains under eye concealer, normal concealer as well as finishing powder for touch ups in one small space saving compact.
Sample size mascara and smaller eyeliner that come in gift sets come in handy.
Always keep a sharpener preferably that has a case to catch the sharpenings. The number of times I have gone to use my eyeliner only to realise it’s blunt and have left my sharpener at home! 

Bourjois do a good one that comes in a handy case. P.S this sharpener also fits the soap & Glory daily double eye pencils - as not all sharpeners do!

Products for the eyes that are fantastic for use on the go are:

Clinique chubby sticks for the eyes are great for this. Simple and easy to use just like colouring in your eyelids! I like lots o latte and lavish lilac. They have a knack of making your eyes look like you have made more of an effort even when you really haven't.
Soap & Glory’s ‘Daily double’ are good examples too. These are double ended shadow sticks / eyeliners in one. These really stay put and don’t budge till you remove with cleanser.

Maybelline colour tattoos are another great eye product. These are the pots of cream / gel eyeshadow. Use your ring finger and dab across your eyelids. I love these, they really do stay put and don't crease. Can be used as a base with an eyeshadow in the crease or on top. 

A quad eyeshadow palette is handy to have as there are numerous ways you can wear the eyeshadows housed in the one case. For example, the HD Brows kit could be used on the eyes and then also used on eyebrows thus saving space. Or equally any eyeshadow palette containing a matte brown or matching colour to your own brows.
A 2 in 1 product such as benefit benetint or soap and glory’s cheekmate, can be used as a blush as well as a stain on the lips.

My favourite lip product for out and about is Soap & glory’s Gloss stick, I have always got one in my bag or pocket. My top fave colour is Nudist, this is a lovely creamy, subtle beige. Not only are they lovely to apply but also smell really good too. Vanilla….yum!
Another lip product that can also be applied without a mirror are the Maybelline baby lips.
These provide a subtle sheen and also protect the lips. Again smell good too, especially the cherry & peach flavour.

Another tip is to use a double pocketed makeup bag, so that when you are done with one product put in the empty pocket that was you don’t get your makeup everywhere and forget or lose some.
Mine pictured below was from Primark (think it was £3)

So there you have it. 
My top tips for doing your makeup on public transport! Tried and tested by me!! Many, many a time!

If you can think of any other time saving / on the go products leave a comment below.
I would love to hear about any hints and tips you do.

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

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