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Liz Earles Cleanse and Polish Review

Liz Earle
Cleanse and polish Review.

I am very, very late to the bandwagon on this cult beauty product.
Better late than never!

I usually use Bare Minerals cleanser, which i adore but mine ran out so thought i would give this cleanse and polish a try see if it is worth the hype....

I like the pump dispenser and the fact it has a lid on top. Think the packaging is lovely and sleek.
One pump of this cleanser is enough for your whole face.
It has a thick creamy consistency to it, smells nice and refreshing too. Not too overpowering.

Naturally active ingredients include:

Chamomile. This essential oil has soothing and calming properties. 

Rosemary is invigorating, refreshing with the added bonus of having antioxidant properties too.

The fresh and stimulating aroma certainly wakes you up in the morning!

Cocoa butter has such a lovely moisturizing effect upon the skin.
 Derived from the roasted cocoa seeds from the cocoa tree - same one that gives us chocolate!

Vitamin B5. This B vitamin helps to stimulate cell renewal, leaving the skin smooth and soft.
Required by the skin for normal functioning.

Hops. When i saw that it contained this ingredient I was a bit worried it would make me feel sleepy!! 
Glad to report it doesn't.
Hops has a toning and astringent effect upon the skin. 

Glycerin aids hydration. It does this as it attracts and draws water onto the skin.

Ecualyptus. This cooling essential oil is an excellent decongestant and is also often used to ease muscle aches and pains by aromatherapists.

Beeswax, soothes chapped dry flaky skin and helps to protect it too.

So there it is, packed full of skin soothing, renewing and hydrating ingredients. 

I like to massage into my face concentrating on oilier areas such as nose, chin and forehead.
I then add warm water to the mix, removing the cleanser with a soft warm flannel.

Liz Earle recommends using a muslin cloth to polish, the cleanser off however i much prefer a traditional softer flannel.
(I picked my flannels up from primark!)

If I have make-up on, I will do a double cleanse...just to ensure all my foundation is removed. 
However this does an excellent job first time around of removing makeup including waterproof mascara. I just like to ensure all traces are removed.

Suitable for use on all types of skin, even sensitive. 
Free from mineral oil and contains only natural ingredients.

Have to say i can definitely see why it has such a cult following in the beauty world. 
It is lovely, refreshing to use and leaves your skin feeling clean but not stripped or tight. 

Best of all, I don't experience any redness or irritation on my sensitive skin.
Leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and fully cleansed but also soothed and hydrated.

Wish i had tried it out much sooner. Highly recommend this hot cloth cleanse and polish.....
I am officially converted!!

Have you tried Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish?

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

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