Tuesday, 30 September 2014

On trial Sample YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

YSL's New Fusion Ink Foundation Trial sample ....

YSL fusion ink foundation sample br20 blog review

Managed to get a sample of the new foundation from YSL fusion ink. 
I was matched to shade BR20

YSL fusion ink foundation sample br20 blog review

YSL fusion ink foundation sample br20 blog review

The counter assistant gives you enough for a good few days of testing. 
Allowing you to try the foundation in 'real life' different lighting and of course allows you to see how it feels to wear it all day.

Foundations especially high-end ones can be pricey so is always best to be sure before you take the plunge.

I have been using this foundation for a few days and i have to say i really like it.
Feels really light on the skin, matte finish but not drying a ever so slight sheen. Gives a nice finish to the skin. Smells really nice and hardly feels like you are wearing any foundation, it's that sheer but gives good coverage at the same time. A big thumbs up from me.

So this foundation is definitely going on my wish list.

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
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Friday, 26 September 2014

The Autumn Tag

Autumn has to be my favourite season....

autumn tag 2014

Leaves falling off the trees, the nights closing in earlier and me snuggling up in my monsters inc 'Sully' onsie, infront of Downton Abbey. 
Cuppa tea in one hand and a choccie biccie in the other.
Saw this tag on makeupsavvy and decided to give it a go.
The tag was created by Georgina from makeup-pixi3

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Blog Sale Bargains ...

Blog Sale Bargains

A great way to try out new products especially high end (which cost a lot brand new) is to bag a bargain from a beauty blog sale. Beauty bloggers who have too many beauty bits, more than they could ever use or have tried but didn't particularly enjoy or use something else that they consider better.

So here's what I picked up ....

chanel coco rouge mademoiselle kat von d bobbi brown eye cream swatches blog sale bargains

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Make-up Addict Tag

As a Beauty Blogger, I'm a bit of a beauty product fiend!! 
Kat from Tales of a Pale Face set up this tag to delve a little deeper into our make-up addictions! Looked interesting so thought I'd give it a go!

So here goes....
1. Which product do you still keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?
LIPSTICK Since making the transition from wearing nudes and beige colours I have realized there are a whole array of colours to be tried out and worn hence my current lipstick obsession. I have but one pair of lips but have a colour for every occasion! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Ha!

2. What's the one product you couldn't live without?
Apart from my eyelash curler which counts as a tool! I can’t live without my bare minerals foundation. Does such a great job of covering the flaws but still allows your natural skin to show through.

3. Favourite makeup brand?
This is an easy one! Bare Minerals of course… i love all their products from skin-care, eyeshadows, mascara and lipsticks. I really like how natural they are, not filled with harsh chemicals instead skin loving minerals.

4. How big is your make-up collection?
Hmmm …… Next question!!

5. And how do you like to store it?
I’ve an IKEA Alex unit beside my bed with make-up and skincare currently using. I was lucky enough to pick one up on ebay for the bargain price of £12!! Muji storage drawers house the rest, over on my dressing table. Just love sorting and re-arranging! Seems to calm me down!

6. How many items of make-up have you got in your handbag at the moment?
Bare Minerals: Ready compact foundation, Mineral veil and Around the clock eye-liner in ‘midnight’. Kat Von D concealer, MAC Soft & Gentle highlighter, Maybelline the rocket mascara (waterproof), MAC plumful lipstick, MAC Electric Cool in ‘super watt’ and lastly Soap & Glory super-cat Fat eye-liner. So that’s 9! Not bad thought it would be more actually!!

7. If you could raid another blogger's stash, who would it be?
The Sunday Girl, she was the first blog I started reading and inspired me! Love everything from her layout to the photos. Content is spot on too!

8. How long does your usual make-up routine take and how many products do you use?
My ‘every day’ make-up usually takes about 10-15 minutes. Depending if I am doing a cat eye flick … then add another 10 mins as i usually go wonky and have to re touch my eye-shadow and get the line straight. So if I’m pushed for time I never attempt to do eye-liner on my upper lashes!!

9. Have you ever bought make-up knowing you wouldn't use it?
I’ve not bought make-up knowing I wouldn't use it BUT have bought make-up that I know I will reserve for a special occasion. My Estee Lauder eye-shadow trio are lovely purples but too glittery for everyday.

10. Tag a few other make-up addicts to do the tag!
I'm tagging Sian from 'Sian-Marie's Beauty Blog', Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie, Jaye from 'bed in the kitchen', Erin from erinlouisehunt, and Sandra from 'The Black Pearl Blog'

Details can be found over on Kat's blog here

Feel free to do the tag if you wish xx

Friday, 19 September 2014

Be Cool Hunny Bunny!! - Pulp Fiction by Urban Decay Review

Pulp Fiction Collection 
from Urban Decay

Urban decay pulp fiction collection revolution lipstick swatches mrs mia wallace palette

Was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic film Pulp Fiction
I picked up the eye-shadow palette and the lipstick entitled 'Mrs Mia Wallace'

Saturday, 13 September 2014

MAC A Novel Romance - My picks

What I chose from the MAC A Novel Romance collection.... 

This collection was rather big but I was very good and narrowed it down to just 3 items!

Friday, 5 September 2014

New Wonder Oil Serum from Sanctuary Spa

Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum
Ok ... so in theory it shouldn't work... but it really does!
Oil and a serum in the same bottle?!

Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum Review Beauty blogger blog

The new wonder oil/serum from Sanctuary Spa .... well they had me at wonder!! I was intrigued!

Saw this was launched not long ago and already out of stock on boots.com so I headed over to Sanctuary's own website to find that by adding the code 'WONDERFUL' at the checkout you got £5 off this new facial oil. Win win!!
Really great service, as it arrived super fast! No sooner had I answered the door to the postman I was investigating how this concoction worked! 

You have to give it a shake to mix the two together.... 
As you can see it's a bi-phase liquid
Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum Review Beauty blogger blog bbloggers

Apply it after cleansing. 
In the AM before primer and foundation / BB or CC Cream

In the PM after toner before a night-time moisturiser. Or for thirstier skin Sanctuary's secret therapists facial oil is great for a night time treat. (This somehow snuck into my basket along with the facial cleansing oil - for the free delivery of course!) That's what I'm telling myself!!  Anyway........

So, to apply use the nifty dropper and drop 1-3 drops into the palm or back of your hand.
Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum Review Beauty blogger blog

Using finger tips on your other hand pat lightly onto your face.
I like to start at the forehead cheeks chin and neck then any excess on the nose area.
It is a truly lovely hydrating base to start the day with. Not greasy and doesn't give that shiny face look.

Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum Review Beauty blogger blog

I was initially a bit wary about applying any sort of oil to my face especially in the morning for fear I would end up looking a greasy shiny mess but this just sinks into the skin beautifully (once patted in). 

Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum Review Beauty blogger blog

I have to say I am truly hooked! 

For the record I have combination skin and a slightly oily t-zone. I find that this really works for me. 

So on to the science. What's in this product.

Well for starters there is:
Moringa Oil - From the Moringa tree. Known for it's detoxifying and rejuvenating properties.
Jojoba oil - From the Jojoba plant - Great for oilier skins as it helps to regulate sebum production.
Pomegranate oil - Helps to stimulate collagen is therefore anti ageing and hydrating too.

The Serum section contains...
 'Red Rice Stem Cells' (say that fast 5 times without getting tongue-tied!!).
Red rice stem cells help to firm and rejuvenate the skin.

It has a sort of wheaty / natural smell to it, not too overpowering or unpleasant and this soon fades once on the skin.

Wonder oil works to boost the elasticity of the skin giving a plumper and healthier appearance.
I have to say I really do agree, even upon first application my skin felt lovely and smooth. It sank in nicely and after waiting a minute or two, I was then able to then use my usual primer and mineral foundation over the top. 

I'm looking forward to using this particularly during the cold winter months when my skin needs that extra moisture boost. 
Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum Review Beauty blogger blog

Have you tried this wonder oil from Sanctuary Spa? What are your thoughts?

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Indeed Hydraluron Jelly Moisturiser Review

 Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

I had a small tube of the original Hydraluron serum which I used up. 
Saw this was new plus a third off in Boots so thought i'd give it a try.

First of all: Hydraluron by Indeed Laboratories is a moisturising serum that contains Hyaluronic acid.

This is an incredibly hydrating ingredient that can hold 1,000 times its weight in water.
It helps to plump up the skin, nourish and hydrate. 

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the dermis. It acts like a sponge by absorbing and trapping water. Its quantity and quality decrease with age which is why the majority of wrinkle filling products contain hyaluronic acid.

So onto the new moisture 'Jelly' version.....

What it is.....

A clear 'jelly like' daily moisturiser. Great to use both morning and night.
It's suitable for all skin types, is lovely and hydrating to slather on. Skin definitely feels smoother, softer and slightly plumper.
I like how lightweight it is and doesn't feel gloopy or sticky. 
You can apply your foundation afterwards and doesn't feel greasy.

I just love how the pump action works on the pot. Have to say it did take me a short while to figure out what i was supposed to do!! Eventually I figured out that it presses nicely into your palm to dispense the jelly to use. Such a great novel idea and is much more hygienic than sticking your fingers into a pot!

A you can see it's a gel like consistency that sinks nicely into the skin without feeling sticky or greasy.

Have you tried the new 'jelly' version of Hydraluron?
 Highly recommend it as it's a lovely hydrating and refreshing drink of water for the skin.

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo