Friday, 1 May 2015

A little 1st Lush haul - Sensitive Nose Edition

My first proper lush haul.... yes I know bit of a shocker! 
But walking into Lush I never really know where to start. I tend to get a bit dazed and blinded by the sheer choice

lush haul beauty blog review unicorn horn butterball melting marshmallow bath bomb

Having only ever tried one bath bomb before, oh and a lip scrub. 
I was passing Lush in Liverpool a few months ago and I popped in. 
Here’s what I chose:
lush haul beauty blog review unicorn horn butterball melting marshmallow bath bomb
L to R: 
MMMelting Marshmallow Moment
/ Butterball / Unicorn Horn

I took a long time browsing all the bath bombs, picking and smelling practically every single one! 
I am quite sensitive to over-powering scents, as they have a tendency to give me a headache. I chose these 3 bath bombs as they are relatively mild - barring the 'Unicorn' one but the lavender scent is relaxing and used in smaller chunks will be lovely.

Unicorn Horn
Scented with Lavender and Neroli Oil. A quarter is enough for a bath (In my opinion) making this really great value. Can you guess what shade the water will turn? Lavender of course yay! This was a limited edition for Valentines day, I just couldn't resist.

Lavender oil is calming, soothing and balancing. Used traditionally to aid sleep, calm the mind and to realx. Neroli oil however is said to help you feel contented and cheerful as-well as having a toning effect upon your skin.

As I write this blog post I can smell the scent of the 'Unicorn Horn' from my desk, and that is in its sticker sealed packet and in the bag!! so it is somewhat a little overpowering! 
It’s a however a lovely lavender scent, which I will be using pre-bedtime as a relaxing soak for a good nights sleep. But like I said a quarter for a bath is enough for my nose.

MMMelting Marshmallow Bath Melt

Smells of candy floss mixed with dolly mixtures! Delicious! I am certainly looking forward to relaxing in the bath with this.
Contains: marshmallow powder, chamomile powder, almond oil, cocoa butter. 

Did you know that the marshmallow herb was used in traditional medicine on cuts, abrasions and irritations.
This pink bath melt certainly makes a sweet treat for my bath and the smell is so dreamy.

Butterball Bath Ballistic

A soothing bath bomb which contains Cocoa butter and ylang ylang oil.

The Cocoa butter helps to replenish dry, sensitive or irritated skin, leaving a softening film on your body after the bath - a sort of body moisturiser without having to go to the effort of applying it! Win-Win.
The Ylang Ylang oil in this bath bomb is known for helping to relax the nervous system, helping with stress and anxiousness. This one I will be reserving as a nice 'end of the day' treat to help me unwind or when I am feeling worried and need a calming soak.

Have you tried anything from Lush? What is your favourite from there?

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