Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Garnier New Sleeping Night Cream Moisturiser Review

Anti-ageing & De-Tiring are the two words that caught my eye on this new skincare release from Garnier. 
Not really sure 'De-tiring' is an actual word but I took it to mean rested and well.. not tired!

Garnier sleeping night cream moisturiser review
Promises to:
Rehydrate, revive, illuminate, rejuvenate , firm and smooth.

Garnier sleeping night cream moisturiser review

After first application I was actually surprised how smooth it made my skin feel. But what intrigued me the most was the texture of this cream .... it's a cream but almost a gel consistency almost like really thick custard. 

You can turn the pot upside down and it doesn't budge, believe me I tried!

Garnier sleeping night cream moisturiser review

As for the cream itself, it smells divine. Not over powering at all, (we all know I am very particular about smells). Almost a fruity fresh scent with a hint of lavender. Once applied it's not sticky or greasy and best of all won't end up smeared all over your pillow or hair as it sinks in quite quickly.

Garnier sleeping night cream moisturiser review

So what's in it?
This acts a bit like salicylic acid in that it decreases the bacteria concentration within the pores. Great if you suffer from spots.
Is an anti-inflammatory ingredient
Helps to improve the texture of the skin
Hyaluronic acid:
Adds intense hydration to the skin whilst plumping
Ruscus extract:
Helps to boost the skins circulation
Jojoba oil:
Softens your skin without clogging your pores, as-well as being anti inflammatory
Essential lavender oil: 
Helps to promote sleep and helps with anti-ageing too

The idea of a sleeping cream is the body does its best rejuvenating work at night. Cells get renewed and your body reverses free radical damage caused throughout the day. 

Overall, it is a lovely hydrating night cream that does a great job of moisturising your skin whilst you sleep. I have only been using it for a few weeks now but I like it, hasn't irritated or caused any spot breakouts.

Garnier sleeping night cream moisturiser review

Have you tried this night cream? What did you think?

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