Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Clingy lipstick that looks better in the bullet

When that lipstick looks much better in the bullet than actually on your lips!

You know the ones I mean gorgeous shade but once on, clings to EVERY last bit of dry chapped lips even if you're lips aren't particularly dry!!

I have a lipstick that looks so pretty in the bullet and is a lovely shade but as soon as its on, it seem to cling, highlight and magnify dry lips.
A recent purchase Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Lipstick - 'Pink Pink'. 

It looks such a pretty pink in the bullet. A lovely brightening spring pink. However when I apply it seems to cling to every dry patch on my lips even if they aren't particularly chapped.

Now some lipsticks aren't cheap and if you have shelled out good money you want to be able to wear them. 

So here's my guide to making that lipstick work for you!

Lip scrub: Use a lip scrub such as lush's delicious ones, they are basically sugar but do a great job of ex-foliating any dry flaky bits. Use a thick lip balm such as Nuxe Rev de miel before bed to hydrate and nourish your lips over night.

Use a Lip Liner Pencil...

Line and colour all of your lip with a lip pencil, this gives the lipstick a good base to cling to and stops the lipstick from slipping outside your natural lip line. 
I use Mac's Soar Lip Liner Pencil which is a lovely shade on its own.

Before the Lip Liner:
Just Elizabeth Arden Beautiful color in' Pink Pink'

After with Mac's 'Soar' lip-liner as a base and 'Pink Pink' Lipstick on top.

I think adding a lip liner makes a really nice shade, makes it more uniform and really helps it to last on the lips. Never used to even own a lip liner but now I have tried it, I can't seem to put lipstick on without one! Seems I am officially converted to the liner club!

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