Tuesday, 12 May 2015

La Roche Posay Serozinc - My skin saviour!

Now available to buy in the UK this blue bottle is very much worth it!
Previously only available to purchase in France... it's finally here!

Dubbed as a toner / facial mist, it also treats your face. Calming and soothing blemishes, sores and other ailments due to the zinc content.

A spritz of this after cleansing and you will see the difference in your skin.
It is a lovely refreshing, hydrating and calming toner. I use this as my second toner to help calm and soothe irritation. More importantly, to treat and prevent any future blemishes.
I have sensitive skin and I find I get on really well with this spray on toner. Doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or stingy and dries quickly to allow you to carry on with your other skincare regime. I have definitely seen a major improvement in my skin. Those pesky breakouts around my chin area have really calmed down and the ones I do get seem to go a lot quicker and don't seem to be as angry!

Contains 0.10% concentration of Zinc Sulfate as-well as 0.75% concentration of Sodium Chloride.
Excess oiliness is eliminated, whilst the skin is soothed and future blemishes are reduced with continued use due to its astringent properties.

Close your eyes and spritz a fine mist all over your face. Feels lovely cooling and refreshing and I can see me using this non stop come the hot summer months!!

Currently on offer 2 for £10 with the usual price being £7.50 its a bargain worth bagging! Escentual.com

Go on give it a try, promise you will love it!

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