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How to apply Bare Minerals Original Foundation & Mineral Veil

My Love for Bare Minerals
Original Foundation


If you have never heard of the revoloutionary makeup that is the
 Bare Minerals powder foundation, you probably are thinking "what on earth does swirl, tap, buff mean?" well all will be revealed.....stay tuned....

When I discovered this foundation, i had a eureka moment, where I thought to myself....
"At last.....this is what i have been searching for!"
It only took years of trial and error!! But at least I found it. Better late than never! Yay.
This was a few years ago now, but before this powder foundation I was using all different liquid foundations which I found would irritate my skin, slide off and never stay put all day.
 I'd end up with a red, angry, blemish clogged face.

Let's just say... I am so so so glad that this foundation found its way into my life. 
My skin looks so much better, no longer gets red, irritated and this lasts all day. 
Coupled with the fabulous Mineral Veil (more on that later..) keeps me shine free!

What it is:
A mineral enriched foundation that takes the form of a powder.
It has no nasty harsh chemicals, so is great for sensitive or acne prone skin.
"It's makeup so pure, you can sleep in it!" 
Has the added bonus of having an SPF 15 already in it.

The difference it makes to your skin over time is amazing!

It has a buildable coverage and feels light on the skin, you almost forget you have any makeup on. 
It doesn't look cakey and really does stay put. 
Looks like a powder but feels smooth like a cream.
It comes in a wide selection of colours, ranging from Very light to Golden deep.

It's your skin.....but better!

Radiant. Blends flawlessly and doesn't dry the skin.

It takes a few goes to get used to applying it, especially if you are used to putting on liquid foundation.
The three important words you need to remember are:
First of all apply 'PRIME TIME'

This is an oil free, fragrance free, light-weight primer that feels so smooth and silky on the skin.

It has a clear gel-like consistency.
Apply a pea-sized amount to your cleansed face. Spread evenly over your face with your fingers.
This creates a even smooth finish ready for applying the foundation.
Or if you don't have Prime Time, then your usual primer, or no primer, it's totally upto you.

 Pour about a pea size amount of foundation into the lid. 

Get your 'Full Flawless Face Brush' (or any dense bristled powder or kabuki brush is just as good. For example - 'Real Techniques Expert Face Brush')

SWIRL the brush into the lid for a few seconds......

 TAP brush onto the side of the lid to get the excess off....

 BUFF onto your face...


I like to start at the outside of my face, in small buffing movements round upto my forehead down my nose, chin and other side. I dip my brush in the lid again, you can add more foundation into the lid if you wish... SWIRL....TAP....BUFF....onto my face again.
Then I just buff it all into my skin.
What works for me is singing / humming 'Happy Birthday' twice, that's how long it's recommended you buff!

Next any blemishes, impurities you want to make sure are covered up, you can use your concealer brush, dip into the lid and just pat onto impurities, under eye area or anywhere that needs concealing.
Alternatively you can use any concealer you prefer under or over the foundation.
Bare Minerals also do a creamy concealer which i love as well as an under eye bright one too.

Lastly you can apply the 'Mineral Veil' Powder

Which is like airbrush, setting & finishing powder in one.
Softens your flaws, pores and lines. Keeps oil and shine at bay.
Can be touched up throughout the day as and when desired.
(More frequently in hot weather!)

As you can see its barely visible so doesn't affect the colour of your foundation.

Pour a pea sized amount of Mineral Veil into the lid.....

Swirl your brush into the lid ....

Buff  and dust onto the skin, concentrating on the
nose, chin and forehead areas then blending out to cheeks.
So by now the foundation has covered redness, blemishes and discolourations.
The Mineral Veil softens the flaws and lines creating an airbrushed luminous skin.

Now you want to add just a pop of colour back to your cheeks, you do this using a blush and or bronzer. 

The Bare Minerals loose powder blush in 'Warmth'
(Comes in starter kit) 
Adds a lovely radiance and glow. Making you look healthy.

Bare Minerals also do a range of Bronzers, I like to use their Bronzing Mineral Veil. It gives a nice matte bronze tan colour which is very subtle.

I got all these items (except the bronzing Mineral Powder) in their great starter kit, which contains well...everything to get started.
Prime time, Foundation, Mineral Veil, Warmth blush, A full flawless face brush & concealer brush and a flawless face brush which is slightly smaller (for less coverage)
Avaliable at Debenhams, and to name but a few sites. Just to point out at the time of publishing this post Feelunique are having a great sale on their already low prices for Bare Minerals.

I would recommend getting shade matched if you are unsure of your colour.
 The colours can be quite forgiving for example a am a shade Light but could also get away with a shade below that fairly light or a shade above medium but it can be daunting to know which one to choose!
Bare Minerals do this at their counters.
Debenhams have BareMinerals counters, aswell as some boots stores.
Check the store locator on their website to be sure.

Overall this foundation is my 'Holy Grail' Desert Island Must!!
Along with a brush, obviously!
If i am on a desert island, there is no way i'm applying it with leaves and twigs! Haha!

I highly recommend this foundation and I frequently do to anyone who will listen!!
Great if you don't like the feel or foundation or heavy texture on the skin or for teenagers starting out.

Bare Minerals also do a 'Ready' Solid form of this product, which i will be reviewing shortly.
I like them both, the ready version is great for popping into your bag to take with you throughout the day but the original will always be the my star product!
Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo


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