Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sprinkle your aches away! With Epsom Salts!

Home Made recipe for a Stress-less Me...

What you will need:
2 cups of Epsom salts + Bath + Warm Water = Balanced & Happy me!

Add the 2 cups of Epsom Salts to running water. Fill bath up to desired amount. 
Add candles to the side of the bath (optional) and soak for at least 10 Minutes.
Do this about 3 times a week or as and when required.

I have been trialing this, for the past month as I don't want to recommend something i haven't first tried on myself.

When i first heard about the benefits of having an Epsom Salts bath i started by getting the small tubs from Boots (you'll find them in the pharmacy isle near the indigestion tablets and such like).
Well, turns out the amount you need is all of that tub! (to be effective) and at like £1.39 a tub i needed another option.......

Yes, you guessed it! good old ebay! 
I ordered the largest size bag possible on the drop down menu and literally a day later it arrived!!. 
The postman put it on my doorstep and i naively thought
"Oh, it can't be THAT heavy, after all, he has just carried it from the van!"
Imagine my embarrassment, when I tried to move said parcel and it didn't even budge! 
I ended up having to wiggle it from side to side and now resides in my hallway for all to see!!
I will move it..... I'm just waiting for Superman to pop by!! Or my weedy arm muscles to!
Just want to note if you are ordering epsom salts - you'll want the food grade ones as they are for 'human use'?!
Anyway, so I decanted into a tub that has a lid and I keep that in the bathroom next to the bath.

I use my top of the range 'pink laundry' scoop to sprinkle the salts in the bath.
No expense spared!!

The full range of benefits can be seen at the following website:

Yes, there is a whole website set up to the wondrous properties and uses.

Briefly though......
Epsom salt is basically a pure mineral magnesium sulfate in its crystal form.
As it is made up of naturally occurring minerals they can help improve health in several different ways.

A relaxing soak in Epsom salt can help relieve stress, leave you feeling revived, help your body recover faster and ease sore muscles.

A lack of magnesium - which helps regulate the activity of over 300 enzymes within the body 
can contribute to:
high blood pressure, hyperactivity, heart problems and other health issues.
Sulfate is essential for lots of biological processes within the body, helping to flush toxins and helping form proteins in joints, brain tissue and mucin proteins.

Doctors and researchers say that soaking in an Epsom salt bath is a safe, easy way to increase the body's levels of both magnesium and sulfate.

So that's the science bit!!

If you want to know more head over to the Epsom Council website (
where there are lots of different uses and explanations to be found.

I would recommend having an Epsom Salt bath soak about an hour before bedtime. 
I tend to feel lovely and relaxed and any muscle aches and pains reduced. 
I sleep better and wake up refreshed.

Another great tip: If you have been on your feet all day or walked / ran far and have achy tired feet. Or have sore feet from shopping!!

Fill a a big bowl with warm water and a cup of epsom salts. 
Dip your feet in and relax for 10 minutes.....Ah bliss!!

All I can say is these Epsom Salts are working for me. When you work it out, they're cheaper than say, bath bombs and are better for your health. Win, Win!

Have you any tip for how to use epsom salts? I'd love to hear them in the comments below.

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

Since writing this post my storage of Epsom Salts have had an upgrade.....

Lovely pretty glass jar with screw top lid - has lovely heart shape at the front.


  1. I think this would be great for me, but I don't have a tub. Great post! It was really informative. I really like your blog, I'm following you now, check out my blog and if you like it follow me too :)


  2. Thank you Perla. You could always just have a foot soak! :)
    adele x