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My Star Soap & Glory Make-Up Must haves!

Soap & Glory Must Have Make-up!!

I have been a loyal fan of Soap and glory, ever since the 'hatbox' gift set many christmas's ago! 
Been hooked from then on. 
Love the smell and feel of the body products 
but also use them well...basically because they work!

Star faves are:
 Flake Away body scrub, Clean on me shower gel, righteous body butter moisturiser, hand food hand cream to name but a few!
Then came the cosmetics......below are a few of my firm favourites and my reasons why.

The first soap and glory make-up product I bought was the lipstick. I instantly fell in love with the creamy consistency and divine vanilla scent of the lipstick. As you can see from the picture mine are well loved and in fact are nearing the end! 
Definitely will repurchase, these don't dry out your lips or flake. 
Oh and did I mention the smell is delicious!

More recently they have brought out their 'Sexy Mother Pucker' Gloss Stick.

These earn 5 Stars in my book, never without one of these in my bag. 
And be warned these are highly addictive!! 
As in you'll put it on and you will find yourself looking forward to reapplying!!!
Smell gorgeous and look great too.

Easy to apply....even without a mirror. They give a nice sheen and hint of colour to the lips. 
The colours I have are Nudist, which is a creamy neutral shade. 
Bashful, which is a pale pink shade and fuchsia-ristic which is a vibrant pink. The label looks like it's a bright colour but on, it's actually a nice shade of pink.

Left to right: Fuchsia-ristic, Nudist, Bashful.....

Glow All Out 
Is a luminizing radiance face powder which is a delicious peachy radiance blush, wash of colour for the face.....

 Not a bit of glitter in sight! Gives a nice glowy dewy finish and a nice pick me up for sallow, dull skin.

 I love the packaging, it's cardboard with a magnetic closure and mirror in the lid.
It's quirky and fun!

One heck of a blot

 If you are like me, in the hot weather feel like your face is slowly melting....
 then this will become your new best friend!! Always to be by your side! 

It is a finely milled face powder, that does an excellent job of mattifying and absorbing excess oil and the dreaded shine from your face. Doesn't change the look or colour of your foundation as its translucent.

 I keep this in my bag for touch-ups throughout the day, whether i'm wearing foundation, tinted moisturiser, BB Cream or just sunscreen. 
I apply this using my Real Techniques powder brush concentrating on my forehead, nose and chin.

Smoulder Kohl - Waterproof Eye-liner

I love this eye-liner and is especially good for the waterline. I have sensitive eyes but find this doesn't irritate them and as an added bonus it stays put all day!! 
It has a sharpener in the lid, no need to rummage around in your make-up bag in search of one when you need it!. 
The only thing I would say is, I would like to see a wider variety of colours available to buy. I'm thinking purples, greens and blues.

Lid-Shadow Pencils
These are handy pencils which are 2 in 1 eye-shadow / liner sticks.

 I have the lilac / dark purple one & the nude / dark brown stick.

The light colour I use as a base all over the eyelid and the define the crease or line the eye with the darker shade. 
These really do last and stay put all day...tried and tested!

One thing to note is that not all the sharpeners fit this pencil 
(i found this out to my horror after doing one eye with the nude pencil!!) - the gem I found that does, is the Bourjois double pencil sharpener!
Worth picking one up if you're getting these lidshadows.

So that's it.... my top picks of the Soap and Glory Make-Up products. 
Hope this helps x
What are your favourite Soap & Glory products? Let me know in the comments below x
Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

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