Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Badger Balms to buy in the UK! At last!

Imagine my delight when I by accident stumbled upon the badger balms when browsing Feelunique.com.
Previously, as far as I am aware this brand wasn't available to UK.

So I happily added
'Cheerful Mind', 'Tension Soother', 'Yoga & Meditiation', 'Joint rub' & 'Sleep balm' 
to my on-line basket.

I blinked & they arrived (not literally!). 

I was so pleased, just the tins are enough to put a smile on your face let alone the wonderful aromas when you pop them open. 

They are basically portable aromatherapy, great for on the go popping into your bag & bedside table for when you awake at 2am and your mind just wont be quiet!!

These balms are certified organic and can be used several ways, I like to rub some on my temples, hands, neck elbows basically anywhere in need of T.L.C.
The ingredients are extra virgin olive oil, beeswax and essential oils - depending which tin.

Cheerful Mind Balm 
Is in a bright orange and yellow tin, instantly makes you smile. 
The main oils are sweet orange and spearmint and has a lovely fresh zingy smell to it. I use this first thing especially on those dull monday mornings! Perks me up x

Tension Soother
 This is in the green tin, has tangerine and rosemary oils. 
It definitely has strong 'pow' to it but I can also see how it would soothe away the tension. I use this when I feel a tension headache coming on. Especially when my muscles on my forehead and neck feel tight. 
I massage this in. Seems to help although, wouldn't recommend ditching the headache tablets!

Yoga & Meditation balm
In the purple tin. To be honest I got this one for the purple tin. Purple being my favourite colour! Having not tried yoga before I thought i'd use it for the latter, meditation. 
When my mind insists on being a big old chatterbox / worry wart! 
Has a pleasant scent to it mild & calming. 
Cedarwood & mandarin are the main essential oils.

Joint rub
I got this for when carrying those grocery shopping bags causes me pain! I rub this into my shoulders and surrounding area. 
It contains arnica which is known for its soothing and healing properties. Have to say it helps and smells nice too!

Sleep Balm 
This contains contains yes you guessed it ... Lavender as well as bergamont oil. 
Is nice and not too overpowering. 
I put it on about an hour before bed. 
On my temples, neck, shoulders and behind my ears. 
Just helps me to unwind before sleep. I put the kettle on and have my clipper's sleepy tea and start my night-time skincare routine.

With these balms you would be forgiven for thinking they are greasy, sticky, overpowering or difficult to use however you couldn't be more wrong, they are so easy to use. So much so can be used whilst out and about. I have been known to use on the bus and train on particularly busy and bustly journeys!
They are light and you don't notice where you put the balm except for a mild pleasant scent which like I said before is not overpowering....just right.
The tin looks like they contain plenty of use I don't think i'll run out this year! Even the smaller ones have a lot of product in.

There are plenty more different varieties to choose from depending on your needs, along with the lip balms which I am very tempted by!!

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

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