Saturday, 4 April 2015

March 2015 Favourites Round-up

End of March favourites round-up!

mac brave soar lipstick lip liner all that glitters satin taupe eye-shadow

Well this month I have been really loving wearing Macs 'Brave' lipstick paired with 'Soar' lip-liner.

mac brave lipstick soar lip liner beauty blog review kylie jenner

The two make a pretty everyday shade that make my lips appear fuller. Review here The-lip-duo-for-fuller-lips.

This past month I started to use Avene Trineal, which is a spot treatment. I suffer from annoying breakouts around my chin area whilst some spot treatments help they never really completely make them go away. So far, this has really helped to reduce the severity of the breakouts and I am very impressed. Fingers crossed it continues to work!

On my eyes this past month I have mainly been using MAC's 'All that glitters' eye-shadow, with 'Satin taupe' blended in the crease. I then line my water-line with Urban decay's 24/7 eye pencil in 'Zero' which is a jet black shade that stays put. Simple eye look but looks like you have made a bit of an effort.


So glad that 'The Big Bang Theory' is back on our screens, I look forward to Thursdays @ 8.30pm as the show never fails to make me laugh!!
 Have started to read 'Gone girl' by Gillian Flynn. I really want to see the film but always like to read the books to films first! That way I can imagine it in my head then compare it to the film. Anyone else do that?

So that's it for March, excited for April and hopefully an appearance of the sun!

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