Friday, 20 March 2015

THE Lip duo for fuller lips

I'm not really one to follow the latest trends, what Kylie Jenner wears isn't something I am likely to try out on myself except when 
A: it's all I hear about, B: looks good C: promises me fuller looking lips!
kylie jenner lip duo mac brave lipstick soar lip liner pencil

Now I don't have full lips to begin with but I am seriously loving this lip combination and feel it helps to add a bit of oomph to my otherwise skinny pout. My trouble is my upper lip is quite a bit thinner, adding the lip liner slightly on the outside make it appear bigger.
kylie jenner lip duo mac brave lipstick soar lip liner pencil

It's the 90's nude lip without being too pale and making you appear washed out. The addition of the slightly darker shade of lip-liner makes your lips appear fuller and defined. Whilst helping to keep it in place too.
kylie jenner lip duo mac brave lipstick soar lip liner pencil

MAC BRAVE Lipstick 
Brave is such a pretty neutral shade with a pink hue to it. Mac describe this as a pink beige with a white pearl. I agree, not sure if I can see the white pearl in it though. Has a lovely satin finish which is comfortable to wear and gives a lovely finish, not matte but not glossy either.
TEAMED with... 
MAC SOAR Lip Liner Pencil
This lip-liner is such a pretty shade, Mac describe this as a mid tone pinkish brown. I apply it all over my lips as a base colour, outline my lips then apply Brave lipstick on the top. Using the lip liner underneath helps the lipstick to last that bit longer, giving it something to cling on to.
I also like to wear just Soar lip liner all over my lips then I add a lip balm to give it a sheen finish.
These two lip products have really surprised me and I am so glad I finally caved and picked them, as they are such lovely versatile colours. 
Brave lipstick is a pretty pinky nude shade that doesn't wash me out - at last! I have lost count of the numerous beige / pale pink lipstick I have tried hoping that it would be the one not to make my lips appear wiped out.
 Highly recommend if you are looking for a everyday nude shade with a bit of a pinky kick to it.

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
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