Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Beauty Bloggers Round-Up #1

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There are so many blogs out there in the 'blogosphere' that I thought I would take the time to recommend a few each month that I have been enjoying and find I look forward to seeing on my bloglovin feed.

Ok, so here is my #1 round-up, hope you enjoy discovering some new blogs to follow and get some great beauty and make-up tips too!

In no particular order I'll start off with a post that I felt I could relate to 
Confessions of a beauty blogger by Sabrina whose blog is called A Little Obsessed, filled with beauty reviews and drool worthy photos to boot!

Have been following this next blog for some time, love her professional layout and stunningly gorgeous photos! this following post made me giggle as I can definitely relate! mascara-shopping.

Kimmy from The Beauty Isles is so friendly, I look forward to her blog, as I feel she is so relatable and injects her personality into each and every post. Topped off with lovely photos and you're onto a winner!

This next blog, I love her tutorials and how to's
My fave so far has to be the pink-to-make-boys-wink post, with clearly labelled, well thought out descriptions and easy to follow pictures and of course goes without saying stunning make-up looks! Alina really does make it look easy to achieve that flawless finish!

A new discovery for me is her photos and reviews are spot on and I shall be trawling through her old posts for a good old catch up and read with a lovely cup of tea!

Lastly, I couldn't do a beauty bloggers recommendation post without mentioning 
her blog is just fantastic, I genuinely look forward to each and every post. She truly is an inspiration and is the first point of call if I want to know about future up-coming releases in the beauty world!

Have you already discovered any of the blogs above? Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave any suggestions of blogs you think I will enjoy xxx

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