Saturday, 11 April 2015

Baby Powder or Thunderstorm What will you choose?!

Baby Powder or Thunderstorm, that is the question?! 
A few days ago on twitter, Library of Fragrance were offering samples of their two most popular fragrances so that we could vote for our favourite scent for boots fragrance awards.
Library of fragrance are a New York based perfumers, who only launched in the UK a mere 7 months ago with a vast array of scents to choose from 101 to be exact they offer a unique perspective to the definition of perfume. Their simple fragrances allow you to layer and create you very own bespoke signature scent.

The two most popular are: 
"Baby Powder" and "Thunderstorm" Fragrance
And I can see why!!

 They arrived this morning and oh my! They both smell so good! I can't decide which one to vote for. I get the impression that the baby powder is for females and Thunderstorm is for males however I can see me wearing both!
I spritz-ed the 'Baby Powder' first on my wrists, and it smells EXACTLY like Johnson & Johnson talcum powder. It immediately transported me back to when my children were babies! Without the sleepless nights and stinky nappies!! Evoked fond memories of cuddles after bath time.
This fragrance has a soothing, calming and very comforting effect and it is a very smooth clean scent to wear. Not too over powering. Subtle and you can't help but smile when you smell it. I can see me wearing this scent a lot this spring!

So now onto the 'Thunderstorm' fragrance. I love that feeling and scent before a thunderstorm - you can literally smell it in the air! You know there is a storm a brewing!
This scent is so refreshing, It smells exactly like rain soaked cut grass mixed with earth and soil. 
But not in a "you smell like dirt" way! It is lovely and reminds me of being in the garden before a thunderstorm, taking in all the smells of the garden trees, grass and soil. I know this is probably a male scent but I can really see myself wearing this, so I would describe as a unisex fragrance.

So it is a very close call as I really do enjoy both the scents but the one I shall be voting for is of course .....(drum roll please!)....
"Baby Powder"
Who could resist the innocence and fond memories this fragrance brings.

Have you tried any of the Library of Fragrance Scents?
Apparently there are over 100 to choose from including 'Play-doh' 'Pizza' 'Apple pie' 'Paper back' 'Rain' 'Saw-dust' and 'Snow' to name but a few!!

Avaliable at The library of and 31 of them are at where they are currently on offer 2 for £25.

I've my sights firmly set on Vanilla Ice Cream next!! 

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