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How to treat Pre-teenage Acne breakouts

I was on the hunt for a gentle but effective cleanser and treatment lotion for my son, who as he approaches his teen years, has started to get a few spots! 

Now you know something works when it runs out and you feel a sense of panic if you don't have another one. 
My son felt this exact rise of panic when the tube of La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo he'd been using ran out. ... If it goes on the shopping list above milk and bread AND chocolate!! Then you know it's good-Un!!

I have to admit the two step attack on his pre-teen spots really seems to be keeping them at bay, with the odd appearance now and again which is to be expected. He is extremely happy and has stuck to the routine religiously!! Which surprised me.

So here's what I recommended for him.....

I didn't want anything too harsh or stripping for his skin as he does have sensitive skin and had a few patches eczema when he was younger. I scoured the internet for suggestions, to see if anyone could recommend anything and what to do.... didn't really come up with anything that didn't involve full blown acne treatments and systems, which i knew for a fact would be too harsh. Well, I'll just have to figure it out myself!! I thought to myself!

First things first: Wash your face morning and night without fail!! No point in applying a spot treatment if your face isn't clean. I went to Primark and stocked up on their flannels. Trendy black ones! (to be precise). They are like £1.50 for 3. I got 6 to keep on rotation - Use a clean flannel each time, which can then be washed in the washing machine with the normal washing ready to use again.
Next up on my to-do list was to find a gentle but effective cleanser. I did a bit of research on cleansers suitable for sensitive and problem skins. Cetaphil kept cropping up. Having never tried this French pharmacy skincare cleanser, I was relieved to find out it was available in the isles of Boots at a very reasonable price...phew!! 

I tried it out on my combination skin for at least a week before allowing my son to use it. It did a great job of removing dirty, oil and of course my make-up. 
You can use this cleanser 2 ways: 

As a swipe on and off with a cotton wool pad or by applying to your face and removing with a warm flannel. The latter, I recommended to my son ensuring a really good cleanse to prepare his skin for the next step the treatment.

Enter La roche posay's Effaclar Duo +

I had been using this for months beforehand on my own breakouts, mainly around my chin area with really good results. Read my review here

Effaclar duo helps to treat and prevent future outbreaks by unclogging pores and mattifying the skin. Regular use prevents the appearance of shine and corrects imperfections on the skin too. 
This gel-cream formula is lovely and light to apply and suitable for sensitive skin. 
Not tingly or stingy either. The new improved + version also helps to tackle and prevent scarring as-well as red marks.
Can be used all over the face. Forehead, nose chin cheeks anywhere in need really. Not necessarily when have a spot, best to use all over regularly as a prevention too.

So fast forward 2 months later, as he squeezed the last dregs of Effaclar Duo + out of the tube begging me to not to forget to pick up a replacement that day, I knew I had cracked it! I was actually rather proud of myself and only wish these two products were around when I was a teenager...guaranteed I would have happily saved and paid ALL my pocket money for such products!! 

So that's my recommendation if your son / daughter is pre-teen starting to get a few breakouts, Cetaphil is a really nice gentle cleanser which when used regularly will ensure excess oil, dirt and pollution is removed.
Effaclar duo is a gentle but incredibly effective spot treatment lotion which helps to prevent future attacks.

Hope this helps, as like I said it's difficult  to know what to use on young pre teen skin in treating spots. 
Even finding a cleanser.... the sheer choice available is very confusing to say the least. Many having been designed to strip the skin of oil and end up being incredibly harsh. 
The aim for pre-teen skin is to keep the face clean, and to get into the good habit of regular cleansing with a flannel.

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

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