Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September 2014 Favourites Round-Up

September Favourites and Round-up of make-up and skincare I have been enjoying using this month.

Sanctuary New Wonder Oil Serum
With the weather now turning to Autumn, I find myself reaching for oils to use on my face. 
This new product from Sanctuary Spa is a Serum and an oil in one bottle!
Lovely to apply, smells nice and more importantly I notice the difference on my skin when I wake up the next morning.
My detailed review is here

Sanctuary spa wonder oil serum facial skincare

Sanctuary spa wonder oil serum facial skincare

MAC Electric Cool 'Superwatt' Eye-Shadow
(September 2014)

MAC A novel romance superwatt electric cool eyeshadow

A lovely neutral taupe-y-beige with a slight shimmer to it. Lovely to apply, works best when applied with finger tips. A fantastic swipe and go, similar to the Maybelline Colour tattoos. Stays put all day and on me doesn't crease.

Soap and Glory Super Cat 'FAT' Eye-liner.
Have enjoyed using this eye-liner, easy to use and stays put. 
Creates a dark black line! Perfect to define those upper lashes.

soap and glory supercat fat eye-liner black cat eye flick

soap and glory supercat fat eye-liner black cat eye flick

Fresh Sugar Lip Balms have been gracing my lips frequently this month .... 
fresh sugar lip balm rose tulip treatment swatches

Both the 'Rose' 'Tulip' and the lip treatment balm at night. Delicious lemon sugar scented balms. The rose and the tulip add just a nice pop of colour whilst hydrating and moisturising the lips.

fresh sugar lip balm rose tulip treatment swatches

Weleda Akendoron
This has really helped my blemish prone skin, especially around my chin area. Has helped to clear up and dry up the majority of my spots. Will be continuing to use this before bed to prevent and clear up some more pesky blemishes.

weleda akendoron blemish acne treatment lotion

Indeed Hydraluron Moisture Jelly
I know this featured in my August Round-Up but still absolutely loving using this amazing moisturising jelly. Does a really good job of hydrating without feeling sticky and heavy.
My review is here if you want to know more!

indeed lans hydraluron jelly moisturiser review

indeed lans hydraluron jelly moisturiser

Non Beauty Related.... Whittards Dreamtime tea.
A lovely and refreshing drink, nice to have before bed. Honey, apricot and vanilla help you to unwind. Delicious!
whittards dreamtime tea drink vanilla apricot honey

Epsom salts
With starting my training towards my 5km in Nov. To say my muscles have been aching is somewhat an under-statement!! I have been enjoying epsom salt baths ... which are amazing and really do help ease the pain!! Not neccesarily straight away, but i do definitely notice a difference the next day.
How to have an Epsom Salts Bath and other uses can be found over on my in-depth post.

So there you have it my September Favourites Round-Up. 
Products i've been loving and using all month!

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

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