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October 2014 Favourites Round-Up!

Yes it's that time again October favourites round-up....

october favourites 2014 beauty blogger

All this month I have been using Maybelline's The Rocket mascara - waterproof black version. Makes light work of holding my eyelash curled lashes and stays put all day. 
No flaky black bits and best of all no smudges. Maybelline's age eraser has also been a staple in my make-up bag this month. It's a great concealer for hiding those under eye circles.

My most used lipstick this month has been my Chanel lipstick in mademoiselle, it really is the perfect shade for everyday wear and is a lovely creamy consistency to wear! 
Mine unfortunately melted :( (left in a hot car - oops!) but the good news, is it is still use-able!
Also been loving my soap & glory raplumzel gloss stick, such a lovely berry shade for Autumn, but really moisturising at the same time without being too bold.

On the menu next month.... I am going to be brave and rock MAC's Rebel Lipstick!!
That's if I can convince myself to actually leave the house wearing it!!

Loving using my Liz Earle's Eye Bright for a lovely soothing eye soak when my eyes are tired. Night time, after removing eye make-up with bioderma sensibo, I soak 2 cotton pads and let them rest on my eyes for a few minutes. Really soothing and helps with irritated eyes and sore eyes.

Been really enjoying using this facial cleansing oil from sanctuary spa. Feels lovely to massage into the face then using a warm flannel rinse away all the make-up and dirt from your face. Smells lovely and refreshing too! Doesn't leave the skin greasy and doesn't leave a residue, skin feels lovely and soft.

Soap & Glory Hand Food. With the arrival of Autumn my hands have gotten quite dry so I have been using this a lot this month. Smells lovely and doesn't leave your hands sticky and greasy. Sinks in quite quickly so you aren't left with your hands in the air for what feels like an age!

L'oreal elvive hair oil

With having long past shoulder length hair, I find my hair gets tangled and very knotty. I have found that using l'oreal elvive hair oil helps to detangle and prevent future knots when used on just washed damp hair. I apply this to the ends and lower half of my hair then blow dry. I am left with silky smooth and soft knot free locks.

Nails: Nails inc Kensington high street, a lovely burgundy deep plum shade perfect for autumn!!

Obsessed with the micro-pedi, which although makes me queasy talking about ... my feet have never felt so good!! ( I will spare you the photos!) 
But suffice to say ... No more rough skin scraping on the covers at night! eugh! 
This micro-pedi gift set was Boots star gift of the week a few weeks ago and it was a good one!!


I have begun reading Ruby wax's book "A Sane World" So far I have learnt she went to Oxford university and studied. The book is well written in a friendly understandable manner that makes you think....
"Ah, that makes sense now!" - a lot ...and i'm only up to Chapter 2. Am hooked!!

With my training for my 5km inching closer i've been swotting up by reading 'Running' as-well as using SBC's Arnica gel and bath soak which have been just brilliant along with Epsom Salt baths for my poor sore muscles! 

sbc arnica gel soothing bath soak muscle aches

Think both of these will feature in every favourite till after my run and even then they are my essential staples!

TV programmes: With the start of Homeland season 4 i'm desperately trying to binge watch season 3!! Am only up to episode 3 but am utterly intrigued!! love homeland!!

Last of all food.... this past month i have been enjoying quaker oats porridge, their Strawberry, Raspberry & Cranberry flavour to be precise!!

So that's it my October favourites! Looking forward to November and all that it brings!

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo 

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