Monday, 3 November 2014

#FoundationFriday Smashbox Foundation Give-away Event

Smashbox were giving a free full sized 'Studio skin 15 hour wear' foundation worth £28 to the 1st 20 lucky people who arrived at a Smashbox counter Friday morning!! 
(31st October - Halloween!). I only saw this by chance on the Boots website! So glad I did!

Things I learnt...

I love make-up more than I love my nice comfy warm bed - And that is saying something!!

I am shade 1.1 in Smashbox foundation which was a very popular shade that day.

I am a bit impatient I really wanted to take the foundation home with me! 
But I am assured it will be arriving in the post shortly!!

There are no Smashbox counters on the Wirral! Nearest being said Boots in Liverpool or Chester.

As I arrived at the Boots store Church street in Liverpool, I scanned the line of girls already there, trying to Co-Erse my brain to count - at that time of the morning! 
This was some feat, as I left the house in a hurry without even so much as a cup of tea!! 

Turns out I was number 11...phew!! 

I got there at 10 past 8, wasn't due to open til half past. What really amazed me was the solidarity we felt, a feeling of "We're all in this together!" when the Smashbox counter lady came out and said we needed a printout or screenshot of their facebook page. All mucking in to make sure that the 20 of us had said evidence!

My turn came to be shade matched and of course I was the lightest shade which was now out of stock. She sent me away with a few samples of their redness reducing primer to try, their new primer and a lip-gloss, as-well as a sample pot of shade 1.1 to last me a day or 2. All housed in the cutest mini canvas shopper bag!

So there's what I got up to Halloween morning!! 
I am excited to try out the foundation in 'Real life' and of course blog about it!!

Did you managed to get to the counter in time?!

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

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