Friday, 18 July 2014

MAC 217 Eye-shadow Blending Brush Review

The MAC brush you need in your life.....

MAC 217 eyeshadow blending brush

The MAC 217 is by far the best eye-shadow blending brush I have tried.

MAC 217 eye-shadow blending brush

 I was umming and ahrring whether to get this brush about a year ago now. 
The main thing that put me off was the price for one brush, but having used it every time I wear eye-shadow then I think it has paid for itself really. Plus I ended up waiting until Debenhams do their 10% off beauty so got it a little cheaper. I am so glad I did, wish I had got it sooner!!
MAC 217 blending brush review

What did I do before I had this brush??.....
 I must just have been walking around with un-blended bad eye-shadow!! 
I honestly could not be without it now.... if I think I have lost it, I go into a panic mode and search frantically!! 

MAC 217 brush review

best eye-shadow blending brush

MAC 217 pictures
This brush just does all the work for you. Has fine densely packed fibres that form a sort of oval shape. So soft and fluffy you can use it to apply eye-shadow to the lid, blend in the crease as well as apply inner corner highlighter and brow highlight. 
Makes light work of applying eye make-up.

MAC eyeshadow 217 brush

Have you tried the MAC 217 blending brush? 

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