Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Clinique Sonic Face Brush - My thoughts

My thoughts on Clinique's Sonic Face Cleansing Brush.

clinique sonic cleansing brush review beauty blog

Before Christmas over on twitter I was lucky enough to win a competition I took part in for Clinique's new sonic brush from Clinique.

clinique sonic cleansing brush review beauty blog

I have given it a fair trial and so wanted to share my thoughts on this cheaper alternative to the clarisonic.

First of all having never tried the Clarisonic I can't really make a fair comparison but what I can do is tell you what iIlike about the Clinique brush and why.

clinique sonic cleansing brush review beauty blog

I love that it has a 30 seconds switch off. Without this feature I know I would forget and end up over scrubbing my face not intentionally of-course!! So thank goodness for the switch off.

The brush has an angle top bit to make getting in the crooks by your nose much easier. It really feels like it is deep cleaning all the dirt and yucky stuff. The whole unit is sleek and nice to hold whilst is waterproof - just in case!

The trick with any type of brush cleanser is to build up gradually, you don't want to end up looking red raw. 
I started off using it once a week then graduated to every few nights, which I feel is enough for my sensitive skin to give it a good clean without over doing it.

Oh and my last favourite thing about this is I feel like I am using a giant toothbrush... but on my face!!
And with that incite-ful knowledge I will love you and leave you!

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