Thursday, 12 June 2014

#Redlippyproject Topshop lipstick in Red Lippy

#Redlippyproject #Makeamark

#Redlippyproject #makeamark topshop cervical smear

This post is a gentle reminder to book that appointment for you smear test. I know its easier to put it off, because let's face it a smear test is pretty darn embarrassing! However if caught early enough cervical cancer is highly treatable. So don't delay!

My advice would be book the appointment. On the day have something planned for afterwards. Something to look forward to. Be it a new lippy, eye shadow, book or trip to the cinema. Whatever you are into.

Topshop are donating 33% from the sale of their red lipstick to the project. Available to buy in store or online.

#makeamark #redlippyproject smear test

The lipstick is a beautiful pillar box red.

#makeamark #redlippyproject topshop red lipstick swatch

Take a photo of yourself wearing red lipstick to help spread awareness of cervical screening. 
Post to twitter using hashtag #redlippyproject #makeamark

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