Friday, 2 October 2015

Soap & Glory 'Purple Rain' Gloss stick Swatch & Review

Soap and Glory Sexy mother pucker Gloss stick 
"Purple Rain"

When per-using boots as I do, I noticed that a new gloss stick hit the stands of soap and glory, possibly to replace the old gloss sticks as I couldn't see them. This at first made me sad because I love the gloss sticks so much and always have one in my bag or close to hand. 

But then I spotted this new shade 'Purple Rain' and at the bargain price of £3.50 I was sold!

Sexy mother pucker gloss sticks are so moisturising and provide just enough pop of colour. They aren't tingly like the lip-glosses and feel really comfortable to wear.
Nudist is my all time favourite of the old version and I'm happy to say that they still have that shade in the new version. 

As-well as being lovely to apply it smells gorgeous too, a vanilla cupcake scent!
I love the new slanted tip, makes it easy to apply.

So on to the swatches;

On the lips:

As you can see this is a gorgeous berry plum tone, perfect for autumn. Gives enough colour without it looking too bright and in your face, so if you are a bit scared of colour then these are perfect. 
They are lovely and moisturising and apply like a dream, in fact I can apply without using a mirror.
Unlike traditional lip-glosses your hair doesn't get stuck to this in the wind and it doesn't feel gloopy or stick to wear.

I have been wearing this non stop since I bought it and I have barely made a dent so I can see this lasting a while even though it seems to be a smaller tube, it just means it will now also fit in my coat pocket!

Have you tried the new gloss sticks from soap and glory? What is your favourite shade? xxx

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