Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Elemis Spa Pod Facial - My Experience!

Elemis Spa Pod Facial

I treated myself to a facial. I've only ever had one facial before and that was years ago. So here's my experience with Elemis at John Lewis in Liverpool One.

First of all, I sat down with the therapist and I filled in a small questionnaire about my skin type and any medical conditions.
Then I had to place my chin on a chin rest whilst the computer took a photo of my face and analysed my skin's condition. It came up on screen in sections, so first it showed any parts that needed a deeper cleanse, then areas of dehydration, next any sun damage, etc. Based on the computer's analysis the therapist then chooses products from their range accordingly. The products chosen for my face were for targeting redness, sensitivity and providing hydration.

First of all you go into a secluded room, which is set up for relaxation. You sit in the chair, which by the way is no ordinary chair it is a fancy massage chair. At first I thought it would just sort of 'buzz' but no it actually physically massages your back, legs, shoulders and neck. It feels strange at first but after a while your muscles sort of relax into it. You can ask to have the chair off if you prefer. So whilst the chair goes to work on all the knots and tense muscles the therapist starts the treatments. I was so relaxed I forgot to look to see what she was using! But I can tell you it was all very gentle and soothing and smelt great. In the middle she placed a hydrating mask on my face (you know those strange jelly like ones) it felt lovely and cooling. Whilst that was soothing my face she used warm oils on my neck and shoulders.

The whole experience was incredibly relaxing, hard to believe it was in the middle of John lewis with shoppers outside the room!! Calming music and dulled lights set the mood with incredible smells from the products too. And the chair is genius, it magically knows the right pressure to use and feels so good. If I ever win the lottery it is first on my list!!
I drifted out of that room on cloud nine. It was amazing! 

One thing I was impressed with, was she recommends the products to you, but you don't at all feel pressured to buy them there and then, you have the option of course but it's not forced upon you. She gave me a sheet with the products that she recommended and I'm so glad she did as without I probably would have forgotten.

I was recommended the following skincare:

Soothing Chamomile Cleanser
Soothing Apricot Toner
Daily Redness Solution
Papaya Enzyme Peel

So if you ever get the opportunity to get a Elemis spa facial I highly recommend it you won't regret it.

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