Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Marc Jacobs New Decadence Perfume - My thoughts

Marc Jacobs New 'Decadence' Perfume - My thoughts ....

Let me start by first saying that I love Marc Jacobs perfumes. They smell amazing and last and best of all look so pretty on your dressing table with their fun bottle designs. I have Daisy, Honey and Dot all of which smell delicious.

That said, the new Decadence Perfume - You know the one with the gold chain that looks like a clutch handbag .... well it's not for me.

I am very sensitive to scents and find that strong over-powering 'in your face' fragrances do cause me headaches. 
I received a mini sample with a feelunique.com order and I just wanted to share my thoughts. In case you were considering purchasing based on previous perfumes from Marc Jacobs. Assuming it would be a similar scent family, it's not. I highly recommend that you go to boots or a perfume counter to smell this fragrance as it is in my opinion quite strong.
The best way I can describe it is heady, musky and unmistakeable. Don't get me wrong it is a lovely perfume, but it's not for me and I feel it is quite a unique taste.
When googling for the notes of the perfume, I came across the description "His first Mature fragrance" and I'd say I agree, it is a grown up, sophisticated perfume.

Top notes: Italian plum, saffron, Iris, bulgarian rose, sambac jasmine and orris root 
Base notes: warm liquid amber, vetiver and papyrus wood.

If you like woody musky indulgent perfumes that last a long time and radiate before you i.e the scent enters the room before you - then this is the one for you. I sprayed the sample in the morning on my wrists and I could still smell it at night so it really does have longevity!

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