Friday, 25 April 2014

Breakfast time Soap & Glory style!!

A duo I absolutely love from Soap and Glory is their
Breakfast scrub & Smoothie Star Body Milk.
Both smell amazing and complement each other nicely!

The breakfast scrub:
This is a lovely body scrub, feels lovely to apply and well.... scrub those flaky elbows and knees with. 
It's a slightly lighter consistency than the Flake Away Scrub from Soap and Glory and contains visible brown sugar grains. Does such a good job of smoothing and softening my skin. Makes me smile when I use this as the smell is just too delicious I really could eat it all up! nom, nom, nom only joking!
But seriously try it for the smell alone!!

Contains Oats, shea butter, organic cupuacu, bananas, almonds, honey and maple syrup fragrance.

So yes it really makes for an amazing smelling treat. 
Sort of ... porridge, maple syrup and honey all rolled into a pancake with sugar on the top!! 

Smoothie Star Body Milk:
Almond, cocoa, yoghurt, oats, coconut oil, shea butter & honey are all blended into this smoothie-licious body lotion.
You can certainly see why it is a perfect accompaniment to the breakfast scrub with it containing honey and oats aswell as almond.

Has a similar smell to it and pairs up nicely!

As a huge fan of the righteous body butter, this is a lovely alternative when I feel I don't want a thick body butter but a lighter consistency moisturiser that goes on like a dream. I like the fact it is in a pump dispenser, makes it much easier to use.

The scent is very different to the original pink righteous body butter which is more of a a floral fruity perfume smell.
I would describe this as a sweet, very oaty, porridgey scent but with hints of almond and honey.
In my opinion it smells like biscuits but with added bonus of honey & almonds too 

As for the body lotion itself, it sinks in nicely, no greasy or gloopy film. Easy to spread on and you can get dressed more or less not long afterwards. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturised without feeling sticky. I wake up the next morning with noticeable soft skin.

Take time for you, Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

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