Sunday, 9 February 2014

Eos lip balms....such fun!

stands for 
Evolution Of Smooth.
Which I think fits the bill quite nicely!

These fun little circular lip balms smell sooo good provided you like subtle fruity scents.

They're lovely and hydrating on the lips and best of all are the most fun i have had applying lip balm ever!!
I'm not going to lie, what attracted me to these little balms definitely was the packaging.
However upon closer inspection i realised they contained 100% natural ingredients.
 Jam packed with nourishing Shea butter and jojoba oil all ensuring your lips are silky smooth.

Flavours I have, Summer fruits, Fresh Watermelon & Strawberry sorbet.
Erm....think I am slightly addicted!

Highly recommend these fun spheres.... you will no longer need to rummage in your handbag, as they do stand out!
Smell and taste so delicious!!
Excuse me, while I just reapply Strawberry Sorbet....
Very addictive!!
Have you tried any of the lip balms from Eos?
What flavour would you recommend?

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

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