Saturday, 27 February 2016

New in Garnier Ultimate Blends - Delicate Oat Soothing Balm

I popped into Boots to pick up my family's favourite shampoo - The Garnier Ultimate Blends 'Honey Treasures' Shampoo - Which has been really great at helping to strengthen my hair and prevent breakages. 
Only to find some new exciting versions had been added to the line-up!

I of course picked up my trusty 'Honey treasures' shampoo.
Out of the new versions, the ones that interested me were: The Mythic Olive Shampoo, The Delicate Oat Soother Shampoo - which is designed for sensitive scalps and The Delicate Oat Soothing balm for Face and Body.

Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo body balm delicate oat beauty blog review

The delicate oat soother shampoo couldn't have come at a better time as lately my scalp has been really irritated and sore. Think it must be this cold weather, I really should wear my wooly hat more! I have had a few washes with this delicate oat shampoo and it seems to have helped. My scalp is less irritated but hasn't gone altogether but I suppose that takes time. My scalp certainly feels less itchy and it leaves my hair feeling touch-ably smooth and silky soft. I haven't tried the Mythic Olive shampoo yet but will certainly be giving that a go when my scalp has calmed down. It has a pleasant olive scent and says it nourishes your hair when it is feeling dry.

The product that excited me the most was the 'Face & Body Delicate Oat Soothing Balm'. 

Garnier Ultimate Blends soothing face body balm delicate oat beauty blog review

First of all, when I saw this I thought "surely it can't be for both face and body?" but I have since tried it on both my face and body. It was lovely to apply, thicker than a lotion but also not a greasy balm, it feels light enough for the face but nourishing at the same time to be enough for the body too. 

Garnier Ultimate Blends swatch soothing face body balm delicate oat beauty blog review

Has a pleasant almond oaty slightly vanilla scent but it isn't overpowering, very subtle and sinks in nice and quickly. Your skin feels lovely and smooth. It contains 2 caring ingredients - restoring oat milk and soothing white almond cream. The thing I like most about this balm, is that it is suitable for all the family and is incredibly gentle on sensitive skin. I can confirm this as I have very sensitive skin on my face and any harsh products irritate and bring out the redness in my cheeks, after using this balm it didn't sting or feel tight and seemed to help soothe too. I would say it definitely helps to protect and restore the skins barrier and best of all doesn't leave you feeling sticky or greasy. 

So I would say if you are looking for a time saving multi tasking moisturiser that is just as good on your body as it is your face then this is ideal. Great for after a morning shower, when time is of the essence.

There are a few more shampoo and conditioners as-well as body butters and lotions added to the Ultimate Blends line-up, may be worth checking out whilst they are on offer at Boots and Superdrug. Half price! The Honey Treasures restoring body butter is next on my list!

The Delicate Oat soothing balm 200ml was £2.99 in Boots (£2.89 - In Superdrug)
The Shampoos 400ml were £1.94 (£1.93 - In Superdrug)

Have you tried anything from the Garnier Ultimate Blends range? What was your favourite?

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