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My Night Time Beauty Favourites featuring Bare Minerals Skincare

My night time beauty favourites

I thought I would share with you guys my favourite night time beauty products that I use and have found that work really for me. 
Especially when I'm finding it difficult to drift off to sleep, I find this routine helps me get in the mindset for sleep.

So here goes......
Firstly I'll start with a facial cleanser.

BareMinerals Left to Right: Purely Nourishing Moisturizer, BareMinerals Eye Cream & Bare Minerals Purifying Facial cleanser

 It's only the past few years I have really regularly cleansed and looked after my skin on a daily basis, morning and night. Shocking -I know!! Mainly due to the fact I never really found the perfect cleanser that didn't leave my sensitive skin feeling tight or shiny. 
I suffer from redness on my cheeks and it was only when Bare Minerals brought out their 'Purifying facial cleanser', I was truly happy with the results. I have been using this for a good few months now and have definitely seen an improvement in my skin's condition. 

First of all it smells lovely sort of a lavender-esque scent but not too strong just noticeable. It is lovely to apply and really does remove all traces of make up. I use it even to remove eye make up, it is so gentle.
Leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean.
Just wet your face, rub a small amount of cleanser onto your skin and massage it in. Then rinse with a warm damp flannel or muslin cloth. Skin feels amazingly clean.
My other personal favourite has to be the BareMinerals Exfoliating Facial Treatment. This one I use about once or twice a week. It is amazing, it is in the form of a powder, you put a small amount in your hand, add small drops of water rubbing hands together then rub all over your face. If like me, you have combination skin spend extra time around the nose area, chin and forehead.
I love the fact it is like magic! Doesn't have strong smell and is so good on my skin. As with all the skincare range by bare minerals its enriched with their active soil complex so there are no nasty or harsh chemicals.

After cleansing I then apply the moisturiser.
In the day time I use Bare Minerals Advanced Protection Moisturizer, I use the combination skin in sheer tint.

It is so refreshing, makes my skin luminous with a healthy glow. One colour fits all as it is basically a tinted moisturiser which just gives you that extra bit of confidence. Most days I am happy to leave the house wearing just this on my face. It smells so fresh sort of a lemony lavender smell that once on is barely noticeable.
However at night time I apply their moisturiser which doesn't have a sheer tint, it is so lovely, makes my skin so soft with just the right consistency for my combination skin. 
I then apply the Bare Minerals Eye Cream which is so soothing and refreshing to my under eyes, it has a nice smells and is a light texture. Not too heavy for the delicate eye area. I let these products sink into my skin for a few minutes.........

  I then use my Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment. 
For those of you who don't know what this is, it is like a powder treatment that also gives you confidence to bare your face. Especially good if you normally wouldn't dare be seen without make up on. For example, the postman knocks early in the morning at least you know you wont look like so much of a fright!

I love this, it truly is amazing and it works whilst you are asleep! It makes you skin appear luminous in the morning, over time really does improve the look of your skin. The best part for me is the fact the buffing brush is in the lid.

The idea is to tap the bottom of the tub so some powder falls onto the brush inside. Unscrew the lid, all you do is buff it gently onto your face. I find the process of buffing into my skin very therapeutic and is very much my favourite part of my bedtime routine. As I said before, I have redness on my cheeks, this treatment really has over time helped to reduce the severity, and improve my skins condition. This product is pricey but lasts for absolutely ages, I haven't had to repurchase, I bought mine months ago! I used my beauty points at debenhams towards it so that helps bring the price down. Equally you could use boots points. I don't mind paying out the extra, so long as the product works for my skin.

I love the fact the Bare Minerals range of products don't have harsh chemicals in, but instead contain Minerals which are good for your skin. Don't get me started on Bare Minerals I could rave and talk all day how fab their products are and how much i love the fact they really have transformed my skin!!
I love all the make up range from foundation to eyeshadows, eyeliners, a nutshell the whole make up counter! There will be more about those in future up coming blogs!

The next product I love is
Sanctuary Spa 'Sleep' 4 in 1 Restoring Body Elixir.

This smells divine and I use this before bed as a sort of massage oil / rub for my head. This really helps you to get in the mindset of bedtime and unwind. I apply this to my temples, rub on my neck and shoulders to alleviate any tension and tightness. On the bottle it also says you can massage into your hair particularly scalp, (I would only do this if I knew first thing I had time to wash my hair as I get quite greasy hair).

It really has such a lovely smell, ylang ylang, frankencense and patchouli are the essential oils infused in this elixir, providing a soothing relaxing smell for the senses. 
Ahhhh Blisssss...

Lastly it's time to switch the kettle on and make my 
Clipper Sleep Easy tea!
(Or Sleepy tea as I like to call it)

Helps me to switch off and unwind my mind.
Only recently discovered this tea, as was recommended to me by my cousin, it really does work!!
Contains Cinnamon, chamomile, valerian and other herbs with an orange flavouring taste to it. Calming citrus soothing tea. You wake up in the morning having had a refreshing nights sleep.

Hope this helps you with your bedtime skincare & winding down routines.
"Night, Night, sleep tight!" 

Take time for you. Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks for popping by luv acesparklestar xoxo

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